Shay Ginsbourg - Performance, Automation and Load Testing Expert. Regulatory Affairs Consultant.

Since 2008

Web Application Performance Monitoring

Website & web application performance monitoring managed service by an automatic open-source Web Performance System (WPS). Optional cloud implementation and mobile device access.

Mobile/Cloud Web Performance & Load Testing

End to end mobile, desktop, or cloud web Performance & Load Testing managed service from early scalability measurements and performance requirements review to test planning & preparation, cycle management, results reporting, bottleneck identification, and analysis. Executed with Web Performance System (WPS).

Medical Device Software Verification & Validation

End to end V&V managed service for  from early design and specification review to test design & planning, test cycle management, test team training, final test results reporting, and analysis. #VV&T

Medical Device Verification & Validation

End to end medical device V&V managed service from specification review to complete verification and validation, test cycle management, test team training, final test results reporting, and analysis. 

Medical Device Regulatory Submission

End to end medical device regulatory managed service from technical documentation to complete verification and validation, registration, and managing until approval acceptance.

Organizational Regulatory Qualification

End to end regulatory managed service from procedure composition to registration and communication with a notified body or a regulatory authority, and final audit preparation and management.